Sometimes our price is a little higher than some of our competitors and some times were not! But a low price is not always the best price! 

         Sure we at Williams Roofing Inc. could hire subcontractors like many of our competitors'    But We Don't

Subcontractors will do the job for less money that's the way it is!  Usually Contractors using subcontractors will even do the job for less because they will be paying less for labor!

But what happens in a year or two if the roof you had installed starts leaking. Your roof leaking because the subcontractors we more concerned in getting the job done quick to get their pay. Or maybe they weren't skilled workers,  Maybe they installed the nails in the wrong place in the shingles! Or installed the flashing wrong or not sealing the flashing properly!

What happens then?                 

I have looked at roofs that were only a year or two old and seen some or all of the things mentioned above! Roofs with numerous leaks. Most of these roofs had to be removed and a total new roof installed, causing the home owner to pay twice for the roof. Some of these homeowners were taken advantage of after the Hurricanes of 2005. Unscrupulous contractors came here to pray on people in need.

Times are bad for most and money is tight, but be aware of what you are getting for your money, ask questions. Make sure the contractor has insurance, Workers Comp on all of his employees, Most subs do not have insurance. Make sure they have liability insurance. Make sure they have a roofing license,  Get a notarized release of lean before paying in full.

 A roof installed by Williams Roofing will be installed by employees that are family or have been with us for years. You can trust we will do it right and be there for you when you need us.