installing a solar roof vent


Above is photos of us installing two Solar Attic Vent in a existing tile Roof. We can install all types of vents in all types of existing roofs. From Tile Roofs, Shingle Roofs, Metal Roof, and even Flat Roofs.

Roof Vents help remove the heat buildup in attic spaces. Removing the heat in your attic will help reduce your cooling costs. By installing Insulation in you attic will help to save money on cooling and heating cost also. We can install blown in insulation in most attic spaces. As you can see in one of the photos above the insulation we blew in before we installed the  roof vents. Installing solar vents and blown in insulation has reduced this customer electric bill.

                                  Moneys well spent.

        Chimney Replacement 

Photos above show a fireplace chimney that had been leaking for some time. When we started dismantling the chimney we found that the chimney was setting on top of the plywood decking.  The contractor that originally built it did not tie it in to the rafters so when the wind blew the chimney would sway. The flashing would pull and brake the seal to the roof causing leaking and rotting of the wood. The chimney had to be completely torn down and rebuilt. The corner 2x4s had to be extended down to the attic and braced so this would not happed again. The frame then was wrapped with plywood and a felt paper was installed on the chimney and new roof decking around the chimney. The flashing was installed  and sealed to the felt paper both on the roof and on the chimney. New shingles were installed and tied into the existing surrounding shingles. The siding on the chimney as a cement fiber board. This siding will not rot but must to be painted like wood and stucco. 


Roof Repairs

is one of our Specialty


We take pride in fixing those difficult repairs, Repairs that others have failed to repair. Give us a try, Jason Williams has been repairing roofs for over 20 years. If we say we can fix it and don't,  We will return and repair it at no charge or return all of your moneys. We have hundreds of satisfied customers!

Sometimes not all roofs should be repaired. 

Owners can get a good amount of moneys tied up in mutable repairs.

There are times the repair money should be put toward replacement of the roof. 

We can evaluate you roof, let you know if a repair is feasible, before we attempt the repair. Letting you decide if you want to repair your roof or have your roof replaced. Before you have repairs made and you spend your money on those repairs.